Tentative Itinerary:

September-November 2012: New York

December 2012: Minnesota

January 1-January 9 2013: Netherlands

January 10-March 31: Tanzania

April 1-April 15: Netherlands

April 15-October 15: Oxford

October 11-November: Netherlands

2014: USA? Australia? Asia? Stay tuned…

As runners, one of our goals that we’ve set is to run a race in every country that we visit. Katie ran the Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon in Australia in July. We ran the Hamptons 1/2 Marathon in East Hampton, New York in September and the Rock’n’Roll 10k in Brooklyn, New York in October.

2013 race itinerary:

Kilimanjaro 1/2 Marathon (Moshi, Tanzania)–March 3

Run Rotterdam 10k (Rotterdam, Netherlands)–April 14

Edinburgh 1/2 Marathon (Edinburgh, Scotland)–May 26

Blenheim Palace 1/2 Marathon (Woodstock, England)–October 6

Amsterdam full Marathon (Amsterdam, Netherlands)–October 20


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