American Girls

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in England so far! It’s funny how I always seem to say that when I’ve been hanging around friends…

Two friends are traveling through Europe at the moment, independently of each other. However, when we realized that we were all within relatively close distances to each other, we decided to plan a meet up in Oxford!

Joost and I ran to Oxford (9 miles–marathon training has officially started), where we picked up Becky from the Megabus station and then went to grab lunch, Ben’s cookies and lattes while we waited for Jbizz (aka Jessica, although I don’t think I’ve ever actually called her by her real name). We wandered the city and drank beer until Jbizz’s train came in. After taking inappropriate pictures with a nearby sheep sculpture, the four of us headed to GBK for burgers and more beer!



The next morning, the girls and I went for a short run along the Thames, complete with interval sprints, burpee breaks and squats.

Joost decided to stay at home for the day and give me time to be in ‘American girl’ mode–he claims that I start speaking twice as fast and loud when in the presence of other American girls 😉 The girls and I spent the day in the city shopping, walking, taking hilarious pictures, drinking milkshakes in the sunshine, dipping our feet in the Thames and laughing. My abs hurt so badly; I love being friends with funny girls.




It was a weekend that was good for the soul. The sun was finally out, my runs went well and I got to soak up enough American girl time to last me for a while!


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