London, Oxford and realizing that I am way too old for hostels

One of my very best girlfriends from home came to visit us in England this week! We’ve known each other since pre-school and it was so wonderful having a familiar and friendly face around. I took a bus into London to meet her at the airport for two days of adventuring. It was crazy hectic and so much fun.

We did just about every touristy thing possible in the less-than-48-hours that we had there. Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, Big Ben, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London & and Crown Jewels… and probably lots more that I’m forgetting! We ate a lot of food, drank some cider and fueled our lack of sleep with copious amounts of caffeine. I have decided that I am wayyy too old to keep staying in hostels. I spent more time fantasizing about my bunk bed collapsing on the face of the girl below me than I spent sleeping. We also took as many obnoxious selfies in front of iconic landmarks as my iPhone’s memory would allow. Overall, we had a great time and logged a lot of miles on our feet!





After London, we took a bus back to our apartment so we could spend some time around Oxford. We were miraculously blessed with a couple hours of sunshine! We walked around ‘campus’ (which is basically the entire town), did some shopping (Sarah makes a much better shopping partner than Joost) and enjoyed the sun. The next day, we were back in our current town, definitely not enjoying the cold and rain. We decided that we needed a coffee to warm ourselves up, so we walked out of my apartment… only to find the streets and town jam-packed with people and men in uniform! We had no idea what was going on, so we asked the man next to us, who proceeded to give us a very detailed play-by-play of the day’s events. Apparently, we were about to be graced by the presence of English royalty! Princess Anne was coming into town to give medals to returning soldiers. 

My knowledge of English royalty is a wee bit rusty (read: nonexistent), but luckily our personal commentator educated us on Princess Anne’s philanthropy, genealogy, equestrian skills, marriage and other useful biographical information. Without even meaning to, we had scored a front row viewing of the princess! Very cool. It almost made up for having to walk the thirty minutes to and from yoga in the rain. 


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