Dear Sunshine,


Depressed and shivering,


All of the warnings and stereotypes are proving true; English weather sucks. Our few days of blue skies and sunshine early on in our stay were apparently a fluke. I was informed by an Oxford local yesterday not to expect it to get too warm or too sunny, even in the middle of summer. My Ugg boots have reappeared and I find myself wearing fleece and down jackets on a regular basis. On top of that, I wear my rain jacket, because it’s rained almost everyday for what feels like eternity. How the entirety of the United Kingdom does not suffer from SAD year round is beyond me.

Despite the weather, Joost and I have soldiered on here in England.

A few days ago, we stumbled upon… well, this:



Your attempt at captioning this picture would probably be just as accurate as mine. All I know is that I immediately texted my mother informing her that I will fully support her should she someday have a mid-life crisis–as long as it absolutely does not include belly dancing half naked in the town square. Really, people.


We’ve had many a date night. By ‘date night,’ I mean to say that we sit on the couch together while Joost watches Game of Thrones and I watch Glee.







We went for our final long run–just over 12 miles. We are extremely lucky to have a gorgeous trail along the Thames that runs all the way to Oxford and it’s fun to keep exploring further up the road. The only problem is that it rains so much that it’s almost always muddy! Even still, our last run was great. It was sunnyish and I finished feeling good. Joost’s run was a little rougher, mainly due to the fact that he’s been working so much that he doesn’t have much time to devote to training. Either way, I’m confident that we’ll finish the Edinburgh 1/2 marathon!





We had a quintessentially British day in Oxford: rode a double decker bus, ate pies and mashed potatoes for lunch, drank coffee at an old cafe and wandered along the Thames. One of Joost’s co-workers, a lovely lad from Wales, showed us around the city and gave us some pointers on things to do and see.





I’m still continuing to try new recipes. I’ve made a couple up–some more successfully than others. My biggest kitchen win this week was baking cornbread! This is the first thing I’ve ever baked that hasn’t come out of a box. Cooking here is a bit of a challenge. Everything needs to be converted. More than once, we’ve found ourselves in the aisles of the grocery store converting ounces to grams and googling “What do British people call half and half/provolone/_________?”



**As usual, I’m playing blog catch up. I wrote this two weeks ago and am just getting around to posting it. However, it should be noted that I’m still in Uggs, hoodies, my down jacket and my rain jacket. I’ve even had to reintroduce mittens to my wardrobe. This is getting ridiculous.

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