The worst house girlfriend

I believe the list of duties for housegirlfriends includes, but is not limited to:

  • Look hot
  • Keep things clean
  • Make healthy, delicious meals
  • Blog about how you look hot, keep things clean and make healthy, delicious meals

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop wearing a pair of running tights with a giant hole in the knee and the world’s ugliest race shirt, which I’m just starting to wonder why I carted across the world with me, and half of my hair has fallen out of my french braid, so I’m obviously failing the first bullet point. I’ve also developed a minor, but growing major, aversion to our washing machine, which somehow makes our clothes smell worse after a cycle than they did going into it. Okay, so I’m learning to cook, so I’ve got that going for me. And… I am terrible about keeping up to date with blogging! #winning

Here’s what we’ve been up to over here on this side o’ the pond:

We’ve been riding bikes! Joost had his bike shipped over from Holland aka the Land of Giants. English bikes just aren’t tall enough for him, so he had to have his brought over by a ‘man with a van.’ A man with a giant white kidnapping mobile showed up at his parents house, threw his bike in the back and then we hoped for a few days that it’d make it to our doorstep. And it did! Joost also found a secondhand bike for me in Oxford. I am in LOVE! I’m used to riding my brother’s 57206 pound, camouflaged mountain bike, so having a lightweight bike with a basket and a bell is quite a treat. We found a lovely path along the Thames that leads to/from Oxford, so we’ve been out enjoying the sunshine.



We went to the Abingdon Air Show. I woke up on Sunday morning with visions of a coffee date, reading Harry Potter and cooking something new dancing in my head. Joost woke up with the idea that we should attend the local air show. In an attempt to make up for my shortcomings as a housegirlfriend, I agreed–and I figured it’d get me out of attending the jousting tournament Joost wanted to go watch the next day. First, we wandered the fields where they had a bunch of planes sitting a mile away. Then, we I got drunk on cider. Then we watched a ‘falconry show’ (is this a thing?), in which a man stood in the middle of the crowd swinging a piece of meat over his head, while the bird refused to leave its perch and tried to fly away. So they brought out another bird, which also refused to participate. They also had a bunch of old cars and steam engines on display, so we spent some time picking out our future cars. I’m sad to report that we missed the ferret races. Shame. A few hours later, the air show started. It was actually pretty cool, as much as it pains me to admit it.



We’re stilllllllllll running. We’ve got under three weeks now until the Edinburgh half marathon! We’ve finally booked train tickets and a hostel (<–fact: sleeping with eight strangers in a room is the best way to prepare for a race), so I’m feeling a little more settled about that. We found a GORGEOUS trail the other day, so we logged our 10 mile run across the fields, next to the river and through the woods.




We’ve been playing tennis. We both finally have our racquets here! Joost beat me. Just like he has every.single.time. since we started playing three years ago. That’s all I’ll say about that.

And yes, I’m still cooking. If I was a really good housegirlfriend, I’d share some recipes with you, but we’ve already established that’s not the case. I’ll just go ahead and say that my crowning moment of glory this week was cleaning not one, but two, trout. That internship in animal husbandry at the local aquarium back home finally paid off!



This week will probably be a little slow, as we don’t have anything big planned, but we’ve got lots of fun to look forward to! One of my best girlfriends from home is trekking over for a visit! We’ll be spending a couple of days in London (hellooooooooo Harry Potter studio tour!), a few days here in town and then a weekend in Edinburgh! Can’t wait!

One thought on “The worst house girlfriend

  1. Katie – looks like an awesome running trail! And your food looks delicious (especially as I’m just sitting down for lunch!). Minda’s running a HM in 11 days, and I’m running Mpls HM on June 2. Go all of us on both sides of the Pond!

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